What We Do

Advocacy Efforts

Advocacy is one of the three parts of the Preserve Arkansas’s mission.  As the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to saving Arkansas’s architectural and cultural heritage, Preserve Arkansas is often in the thick of the battle.  From saving historic buildings such as Carnall Hall and the Donaghey Building to promoting preservation-friendly legislation locally and at the State Capitol, Preserve Arkansas works diligently to promote preservation efforts across the state.

Why is historic preservation important to Arkansas?

In 2017, Preserve Arkansas successfully advocated for passage of Act 393 to improve the Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit.

Other Current Issues

Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit (HTC)

The Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act (H.R.3856/S.2655) makes long overdue changes to the Historic Tax Credit (IRC § 47) to further encourage building reuse and redevelopment in small, midsize, and rural communities. It also makes the rehabilitation of community projects like theaters, libraries, and schools easier while maximizing the impact of state historic tax credits. Finally, the bill would make more historic properties eligible to use the credit by updating program requirements to reflect current industry practices. These reforms would be the first major changes to the Historic Tax Credit (HTC) since the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

2016 Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act – Legislative Summary

2016 Historic Tax Credit Comment Letter to Ways and Means Committee

Historic County Courthouses (increased funding for grant program)

Since 2012, Preserve Arkansas has worked to advocate for increased funding for historic county courthouses throughout the state through the dedicated funding source of the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council.

Local Issues

Preserve Arkansas adds a statewide voice to local advocacy efforts throughout Arkansas. Some of the issues in which we are involved in promoting (and you can get involved too!)–

William E. Woodruff House, Little Rock

White River Bridge, Clarendon

Downtown Hot Springs

Properties on the Arkansas Most Endangered Places List