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Preservation Endowments

Preserve Arkansas is the steward of three endowments that promote preservation in Arkansas, named for venerated and well-known preservationists from the state. Contributions to any of these endowments are welcomed and fully tax-deductible. To contribute online, please visit the Arkansas Community Foundation website, or make checks payable to the endowment of your choice and send to Preserve Arkansas, P.O. Box 305, Little Rock, AR 72203-0305.

Parker Westbrook Endowment

The Parker Westbrook Endowment was the first fund established by Preserve Arkansas. The Preserve Arkansas board of directors has authority to use the interest earnings from the fund to support its general operations, all of which are used to support the advocacy and educational efforts of Preserve Arkansas.

Cyrus Sutherland Endowment

The Cyrus Sutherland Endowment was established to provide a scholarship to a deserving student majoring in architecture with an emphasis in historic preservation. Preserve Arkansas uses interest earnings off this fund to award a $1,000.00 scholarship each year to a student at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design.

Charles and Becky Witsell Endowment

This endowment provides scholarships to be given to individuals for the purpose of advancing continuing education and training in the preservation crafts and professions. These skills include historic decorative painting, high craftsmanship carpentry and masonry, researching and documenting historic sites and buildings, and attending conferences on the technical aspects of restoration.