2009 List

Pleasant Grove School House (Possum Trot Church)

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City/County/Congressional District: Possum Trot , Carroll County ( District 3 )
Location Class: ChurchSchool
Year Built: 1905
Historic Designation: N/A
Status: Endangered

The Pleasant Grove School House (commonly known as the Possum Trot Church) sits in a remote part of Carroll County on an unpaved county road that meanders through the community of Possum Trot.  Adjacent to the building is a branch of Possum Trot Creek.  The property was given to the community for the price of one dollar between 1900 and 1905 so that a school could be built.

Historically, the building served as the focal point of the Possum Trot Community.  The building was used for school and church services, family reunions and gospel singings.  The church was not affiliated with any denomination, but according to community members, was conservative in its traditions: women and men sat on opposite sides of the church.  The building has been used continuously for multiple purposes.  Today, the building is occasionally used for community church services. The Pleasant Grove School House is the only remaining building in the Possum Trot Community.