2005 List

Noel Owen Neal House

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City/County/Congressional District: Washington , Washington County Hempstead County ( District 4 )
Location Class: Residential
Year Built: 1840
Historic Designation: N/A
Status: Restored

Constructed circa 1840, the Noel Owen Neal House dates to the earliest days of settlement in the Nashville vicinity of Howard County. Neal had been born in Georgia, and like many early settlers, migrated to Arkansas after living for a period in Mississippi. Neal and his family farmed the land and lived a prosperous life until Neal died in 1850. After his death, Neal’s wife, Hesky, continued to manage the farm. The house that Neal and his family built after their arrival in Arkansas was a log house with a central dogtrot. Many pioneer settlers in Arkansas built dogtrot homes, with the dogtrot acting as a breezeway, providing shade and cooling breezes for the occupants. Although many of them have been demolished or altered over the years, the Neal House remains a remarkably intact example of this pioneer house form. The Noel Owen Neal House has been moved to Washington, Arkansas, restored, had its porches, roofs, and chimneys replaced and has been delisted from the National Register of Historic Places.