2009 List

Dr. E. P. McGehee Infirmary

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City/County/Congressional District: Lake Village , Chicot County (District 1 )
Location Class: Commercial
Year Built: 1910
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places 2005
Status: Endangered

The Dr. E.P. McGehee Infirmary is associated with a significant reminder of medical practices in the early part of the twentieth century. The infirmary became one of the leading medical institutions in the state because of his hard work.  Dr. McGehee made surgery his specialty and reportedly in the first sixteen years performed 3,600 major operations.  The infirmary became known as the “Mayo Clinic of the South” because he installed air-conditioning and kept abreast of new surgical techniques.  The X-ray lab he had installed was one of the first in the state of Arkansas.  The Dr. McGhee Infirmary served as a hospital from 1910 until the new Lake Village Hospital opened in 1967.  The north end of the building continued to serve as a clinic until 1973. In recent years, the building was used as the Museum of Chicot County Arkansas (MOCCA) to tell the story of Dr. McGehee and his practice.