2016 List

Sweet Home Chapel

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City/County/Congressional District: Mt. Ida , Montgomery County ( District 4 )
Location Class: Church
Year Built: 1907 | Year Abandoned: 1977
Historic Designation: N/A
Status: AbandonedEndangered

In 1907, Sweet Home community members banded together to build a dedicated church structure on land donated by a local farmer. The new church was dedicated on May 17, 1908. For seven decades the Sweet Home church saw baptisms, weddings, funerals and other functions, the kind that built a solid core of community. A congregation history noted that “our congregation is made up of different denominations, we call our Sunday school the “Non Denominational Sunday School” but use the Presbyterian literature”. The church was decommissioned in 1977, it and the land reverted back to private ownership. The present owners did not realize the church was included on the land they bought in 2001. The old Sweet Home church is in fairly good condition, given its age, but roof and foundation deterioration threaten this onetime rock of the community.