2010 List

Mount Moriah Masonic Lodge #18

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City/County/Congressional District: Lisbon , Union County ( District 4 )
Location Class: Commercial
Year Built: 1858
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places (1987)
Status: Endangered

The Mount Moriah Masonic Lodge #18 is a rare and unusually intact example of a mid-19th-century rural social meeting place and Masonic Lodge that served the community of Lisbon and the surrounding area. While the building is in fair condition, it has some structural deficiencies that need to be addressed for the long-term stability of the building. Mount Moriah Lodge #18 is an excellent example of the 1850s era building techniques and materials, and may very well be the oldest building in the state still used for its original purpose by its original owner. The Mount Moriah Masonic Lodge #18 in Lisbon is included on the 2010 list of most endangered places for its rarity and ability to offer an authentic and unencumbered view into the lives of the early Union County citizens.