Preservation Awards

2016 Preservation Awards Graphic

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2018 Arkansas Preservation Awards.

Any individual, organization, business, or public agency is eligible for nomination. The project or activity for which the nomination is made must be located in Arkansas. Nominators may submit their own projects or may nominate others. With the exception of the Parker Westbrook Award, only projects or activities completed within the last three years will be eligible. Unsuccessful nominations may be revised and resubmitted during the eligibility period, but individuals or projects that have received awards will not be eligible to compete again in the same category based on the same work.


Nominations are no longer accepted. If you have any questions about a nomination, please contact us at 501-372-4757 or

Award Categories

Outstanding Service in Neighborhood Preservation recognizes an activity or project that has made a significant contribu­tion to a historic area in Arkansas. Examples would include an effort to save a critical structure, creation of a revolving fund, or the establishment and maintenance of a neighborhood newsletter. If the nomination includes an achievement relat­ing specifically to a construction project, photographs must be included. If it is a tangible, non-construction project, such as a newsletter, a copy or representative issue must be included with the nomination.

Outstanding Work by a Craftsperson recognizes high-quality work that demonstrates an understanding of the principles and practice of preservation techniques on a specific project. It is not intended to reflect lifetime achievement. The nomina­tion must include photographs of the work and descriptions of the obstacles faced by the craftsperson in performing the work, innovative techniques or materials used in the project, and the process involved in the work, including research where applicable.

Excellence in Preservation through Rehabilitation– Eligible projects retain significant historic fabric but do not attempt to restore a structure to an earlier appearance. Nominations in this category should focus on how new materials and design were integrated with historic fabric to make the project successful.

Excellence in Preservation through Restoration– Eligible projects are those in which a primary goal was returning a structure to a documented earlier appearance. Nominations should focus on efforts to retain the integrity of the structure and must describe the process involved in achieving the result, including research, and solutions chosen to problems presented by modern mechanical intrusion, meeting code requirements, etc.

Excellence in Personal Projects recognizes the achievement of individuals in preserving, rehabilitating, or restoring structures for their own use. At the time of nomination, the project should be substantially complete. Nominations for this award should focus on the completed project, the process involved, and the owner/user’s specific efforts and contributions to the project.

Outstanding Achievement in Preservation Advocacy– Any entity is eligible for this award for having made a notable con­tribution to championing the cause of preservation. This award is intended to honor individuals (including public officials), publications, organizations, etc. that have had a strong impact on preservation through advocacy efforts.

Outstanding New Construction in a Historic Setting– Any contemporary building located within a historic context is eligible, including a major addition to a historic building. The project is expected to respect and complement the historic integrity of its setting. Nominations should focus on significant aspects of the historic setting and the manner in which the contemporary design acknowledges and complements them.

Outstanding Preservation Reporting in the Media is intended for professional television, radio, and newspaper reporters who present accurate, complete, and balanced accounts of a preservation project, problem, or issue.

The Ned Shank Award for Outstanding Preservation Publication combines excellence in writing with preservation achievement. It recognizes authors, editors, and publishers who write or create books or significant journal articles about preservation in Arkansas. Publications may document a particular preservation project, profile a person or group active in preservation, or discuss general preservation themes and issues.

Outstanding Achievement in Preservation Education recognizes any individual or entity that has made a significant con­tribution to the cause of historic preservation in Arkansas through education.

Excellence in Heritage Preservation recognizes communities or organizations that have proven their commitment to the preservation of their historic, cultural, and natural heritage: a greater knowledge of the nation’s past, strengthened regional identities and local pride, increased local participation in preserving cultural and natural heritage assets, and support for the economic vitality of our communities.

The Parker Westbrook Award for Lifetime Achievement recognizes significant individual achievement in historic preservation. It is Preserve Arkansas’s only award for achievement in preservation over a period of years. The award may be presented to an individual, organization, business, or public agency whose activity is of local, statewide, or regional importance.

Nomination Instructions

  • Entries must be accompanied by a completed nomination form. For a nomination to be considered, the following information must be provided:
  • A written narrative, not to exceed 750 words, describing the project, program, organization, or individual being nominated. The narrative must address the focus of the particular award for which the nomination is being made.
  • A complete list of names and contact information (phone, mailing and email addresses) for all key persons involved with the project, organization or advocacy effort.
  • A list of any Federal or State programs which provided financial assistance to the project.
  • A minimum of six (6) HIGH RESOLUTION digital images. The images are necessary both for the selection process and for use during the awards ceremony. Images of construction projects must depict the condition of the project before and after the work, both interior and exterior. Images of other types of projects– newsletters, advocacy efforts, education, etc.– must illustrate the project and/or the person(s) involved.
  • Any other items (newspaper clippings, letters of support, etc.) which will support the nomination.
  • For each project that is of a tangible nature, such as a video, newsletter, or other publication, a copy or representative issues must be included with the nomination.
  • All materials supplied will belong to Preserve Arkansas unless return is requested and a self-addressed, stamped envelope is supplied. We reserve the right to use any digital images, slides, photos, or other submitted materials for publicity purposes.
  • A $50 nomination fee is waived for Preserve Arkansas members. Non-members please enclose $50, which includes a one-year individual membership.
  • If you have questions regarding a nomination or the process, contact Rachel Patton at: or 501.372.4757